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Matching services

Matching services are one of several important tools within labour market policy programs that are used to support jobseekers in being included in the labour market or the education system in the shortest possible time. In addition, our matching services are a very effective tool for solving the recruitment needs of employers.

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Labour-market readjustment

We at Jobb & Tillväxtcenter Sweden are specialists in helping those facing a change in working life. We begin a survey which includes both private and work-related situational information and focus on introducing our participants to local businesses. The problem for companies today is often finding the right skills. Through our Inhouse Academy, we speed up the recruitment process for the local companies in an efficient way. We are also looking at various educational opportunities for the participants.

Consulting with us

Jobb & Tillväxtcenter Sweden has broad partnerships with the business world and supplies our client companies with expertise through our own staffing model. As a consultant with us, you become part of our team, but your field of work extends far beyond our office walls. You will be employed by us, but perform your work outside at one of our many client companies. This gives you a unique opportunity to gain insight into different industries and work environments, while at the same time contributing to strengthening our client companies' operations.