Labour-market readjustment

Counselling for laid-off

By providing counselling for the recently laid-off, we aim to provide these newly unemployed with a new job, to start studying or start their own business. This support should strengthen the customer's position on the labor market. Our advisors and employees have extensive experience and are experts in working life issues and meeting people in change. We exist to support, coach and challenge those laid-off to find the best way forward for them.


In outplacement we provide help to employees and employers to part ways in structured and responsible manners, that is favourable to both parties. The employee receives advice and coaching to reach a new job faster and the employer can move on but at the same time show that they care for their employees. Our program aims to identify the customer's interests, knowledge and skills and then guide them in their continued career. This can lead to decisions to validate the customer's acquired knowledge and informal training and to start training. The guidance can also include advice and support for the customer to look for a new job or start their own business.

Work-life oriented rehabilitation

We always work according to a well-founded methodology and collaborate with all concerned parties to achieve a fast, active and effective rehabilitation. Jobb & Tillväxtcenter Sweden works individually to create a sustainable solution while at the same time working as a guide, providing support to find a way back to work with a current or new employer.

Our work-life oriented rehabilitation program includes:

  • Promoting and preventive rehabilitation.
  • Investigative rehabilitation.
  • Rehabilitation for organisations and management.

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