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Jobb & Tillväxtcenter Sweden was founded by Nelly Andersson as part of JTC group, an international recruitment agency based in Spain.

Nelly developed her labour-market career in the United States and worked for several years in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Peru and the UK developing international recruitment and staffing for large global companies in healthcare, life sciences, data science and the industrial sectors.

Nelly is well-known in the Swedish business world due to her great passion for work with labour-market inclusion and has previously worked in several leading positions in both the public and private sectors with extensive experience in cooperation with the business world.

Nelly believes that everyone has a place in the labour market. Regardless of background, whether you have been a director of a large company, an individual entrepreneur in a small town, or recently arrived in Sweden with your family. Jobb & Tillväxtcenter's most important mission is to give you the tools to find your place in working life.