Rusta & Matcha 2.0


Rusta och matcha (in English: prepare and match) is a programme for you who is registered with the Employment Service. In short, rusta och matcha means that you are first prepared for your job search, and then matched with an employer. At Jobb & Tillväxtcenter, you get a personal supervisor, who, based on your needs and conditions, gives you the tools to find a job.

As a recruitment company, we have a wide network of corporate clients and provide them with skills through our Inhouse Academy - an efficient and successful model for connecting employers and job seekers.

Choose us as your supplier for Rusta and Matcha by entering our KA-number to your employment agency!

How to participate:

  1. Sign up at Arbetsförmedlingen.
  2. Register yourself as unemployed.
  3. Book a meeting and tell them that you want to get help from Jobb & Tillväxtcenter Sweden.

For you who seeks a job or education.

Programme Managers

Nelly Andersson,
M.Sc., M.D.
070-823 77 22

Katarina Abelin,
Rekryteringskonsult & Coach
070-844 08 52

Ksenia Mikhaylova,
Rekryteringskonsult & Coach
072-220 62 03

Somayeh Kavousi,
Talent Acquisition
070-957 86 70

Natasa Petrovic,
Rekryteringskonsult & Coach
072-220 69 63

Emma Bergvall, B.A.,
Studie- och yrkesvägledare
072-220 69 63