Jobb & Tillväxtcenter

by Nelly Andersson

An experienced matching firm based in Sweden mobilizing professionals.

“My vision is a world where professionals are continuously mobilized to close gaps in society and industry critical professions.

I made it in Sweden, and so can you!”

Ask yourself:

Is your professional career at the level of your expectations?

Is your dream job abroad?

Do you want to make it in Sweden?

What we do

We help highly qualified professionals build a successful global career in the Nordic countries. Based in Stockholm, Jobb & Tillväxtcenter has a high quality European and global network of recruitment centers and we work closely with universities and national employment agencies both within and outside the EU-EES where we identify candidates who are willing to take the next step in their international careers.

Our unique process of pre-boarding professionals for their new workplace, language, and country ensures that both employer and the professionals receive the best possible conditions for performance and success.

You are urgently needed in Sweden!

The Swedish startup scene has garnered much international attention. Today, the country remains a centre of innovation, with a host of Swedish companies from diverse sectors operating at the very cutting edge of technology. Sweden is investing ever more heavily in intelligent technologies and innovative digital applications to stay a leader in an international market. Specialists are highly sought after and have good career prospects in the Swedish labor market.

Swedish companies have been unable to recruit anything close to the number of medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, scientists, mathematicians and IT-experts needed to fill the numerous vacancies. Sweden is ranked as second in the world by attractiveness for highly educated professionals according to the OECD. At the same time, there is a supply of professionals that local markets cannot match with qualified jobs.

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